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Of Gene Prescott, Greenville, North Carolina, USA (September 26, 2016)

Updated July 10, 2017

Beginning July 13, 2016, any item that is updated, or any addition made, will include the date of the change.

About the study

The name Prescott has only been registered at Guild of One-Name Studies in recent years; however, the study of the name and the people who bore it has been a labor of love for the C. Eugene "Gene" Prescott family for over 40 years. (July13, 2016)

Adell T. Prescott has served as a volunteer historian for the Southern Branch of the Prescott Family in America and as Coordinator of English Research for "Prescotts Unlimited," a former genealogical quarterly edited and published by Doris Cline Ward. Adell has researched and privately published numerous books and manuscripts on various American Prescott lines, and her English research reports were featured regularly in the aforementioned "Prescotts Unlimited." Adell has many unpublished manuscripts and perhaps the largest private collection of American and English Prescott documents and information housed in one place in the world (Greenville, NC, USA). Ms. Ward's collection is quite extensive as well and is available at the Old Buncombe County Genealogical Society Library in Asheville, NC, USA.

Gene began the Prescott YDNA Project in September of 2006 to augment Adell's traditional genealogical work.

Gene and Adell were both educated at East Carolina College (now East Carolina University). Gene is a retired Certified Public Accountant, and Adell continues to work in accounting and tax, specializing in Estates and Trusts.

C. Eugene (Gene) Prescott, CPA's practice specialized in technology, income tax, and small business management services. During his CPA career he served as chairman of the AICPA Tax Division's Task Force on Automation in the Tax Practice. He served many years as a member and chairman of the Tax Division's Tax Technology Committee. He has made multiple presentations on tax and technology at the AICPA, NCACPA, VaSCPA, and Coastal Plains Chapter of the NCACPA. He has been published in The Tax Adviser. He co-authored the AICPA's Guidelines to Assess Computerized General Ledger and Financial Reporting System and Assessing Computerized Time and Billing Systems for Use in CPA Firms. He is a graduate of East Carolina University with a BA degree in accounting.

Since September of 2006 he has been administrator of the Prescott YDNA Project at FTDNA. He is also administrator of the Prescott One-Name Study at the Guild of One-Name Studies and the Prescott YDNA Worldwide pages on Facebook [1] (April 28, 2017)

“Dr Paul Prescott is a native of the English Black Country, the area just west of Birmingham, England, which is named for the rich seam of coal that powered the industrial revolution there in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Paul is a mathematician, with degrees from the universities of Cambridge and London, and spent his career in the rail industry.

Paul has been researching his Prescott family history (England) for forty years, and has discovered that almost all midlands Prescott, including himself, descend from one ancestral couple, Hugh and Joan Prescott, who lived in the parish of Claines just outside Worcester city in July 1500. He has been greatly helped in his research by Worcestershire’s particularly well preserved records, with comprehensive parish registers, manorial court rolls and other documents”. (April 29, 2017) Paul is author of the link below to "The English Prescotts" (Added August 29, 2016)

Variant names

Prescot, Prescod, Preskitt, Prescoate, Presscott, Priscott, Preskett, Prescote, Prescotte, Prescote, Prescott, Prescotti, Prescoat, Prescot, Prescutt, Prestcott, Prescoot, Prestcot, Preskott, Presskot, Presskott, Priskett, Priscote, Priestacott, Prestacott, Priscot, Pristacott, Pelesikoti (Tongan), Perescott, Presocott, Prscott, Presctt, Presscot, Perscott, Pruscott, Proscott,

Name origin

Name frequency

Link to June 2014 article by Dr. John S Plant and Prof. Richard E Plant posted by them in August 2014 to support a synopsis article that appeared in Vol 11, Issue 12, October - December 2014 of the Journal of One-Name Studies:[2]

A premise being that when current day name frequency is around 10k or more, there is likelihood of genetically different persons may have selected the same surname. Thus it is likely that genetically unrelated persons may have adopted Prescott as a surname.

Prescott Surname Distribution as of 1881 Census: England and Wales: [3] July 10, 2017

Distribution of the name July 10, 2017


Links to Prescott YDNA Project data

Recently I encountered an observation that Brits had little incentive to YDNA test because the already knew where they “came from”.  That may not be applicable in the case of the Prescott YDNA Project.  That is because of the early (mid 1600s) US immigrants there are two distinct haplogroups.  That, in turn, means that people adopting the Prescott name “came from” two different routes before arriving in the British Isles.  Additionally, there is growing evidence that genetically related people adopted surnames other than Prescott.  It will require Brit YDNA testing to sort this out.

The Prescott Memorial

The Prescott Memorial by William Prescott, MD, 1870 The book, while mostly accurate, claims to know the English origin of John of Massachusetts and James of New Hampshire. Adell T. Prescott has proved each of these claims to be in error. (April 27, 2017)

Books by Adell Taylor Prescott

Books relative to Prescott authored or published by Adell Taylor Prescott will be listed here:

Manuscripts by Adell Taylor Prescott

  • Louis B. Prescott, Son of Ephraim and Rebecca (Caine) Prescott
  • Francis Prescott, Revolutionary War Soldier From North Carolina (October 20, 1992)
  • Benjamin Prescott, Son of John Prescott of Beaufort and Pitt Counties, North Carolina (October 21, 1992)
  • Alvin Prescott of North Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama (Revised November 8, 1995)


How Genetic YDNA Leap Frogs Traditional Genealogy

See Data section above relative to Prescott YDNA Project.

Information on Non-Paternity Events

Contact Details

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